Sports Itineraries

[justify] The Etruscan Coast is the ideal place to practice all sorts of sports . The wind with its thermal and clear sea, repeatedly awarded by the Blue flags European Union for dell'acque cleanliness and facilities, alternating sandy beaches and cliffs, allow you to practice various sports such as Windsurf , Sail , Kitesurf and Dive . Especially in Vada and in the nearby Rosignano Solvay there are the beach of Lillatro and Pietrabianca , famous for the climatic conditions that allow these sports also for beginners and not only who can use the services offered by the " of Flyzone School " and " Winsurf Center Vada Rosa del Tirreno ". Always in Vada we have the nautical sports club " Vadese Nautical Club " and " Pietrabianca Grand Circle " sailing school for adults and children. Last but not least are the " diving center " and " Cisansub " and it is possible to make marvelous and suggestive dives we have three areas of interest called: muraglione, Earth's eyebrow, Genepesque Wreck. [/justify]